Dorothy Doring turns in a sublime disc that could be considered a tribute to the Cresent City’s sometimes overlooked contemporary jazz scene. She shows off her slinky phrasing in contexts tinged with grainy blues, exquisite art balladry, and full-throated soul. 

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Comfortable in the worlds of nostalgia and contemporary times, Doring's album has a timeless feel that reflects the past with a body of work dipped in the present. 

These two talented musicians have gotten together on a project called "Compositions By Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn" and the results are what you would expect: a simply wonderful new CD that captures the brilliants of Ellington and Strayhorn.

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Vocalist Dorothy Doring, a chanteuse specializing in jazz standards with a hint of gritty blues, is a longtime Twin Cities-based favorite. Southern Exposure, recorded in New Orleans, is her sublime CD on which she's backed by some of the Cresent City's hottest players.

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Doring's delightful soulful voice collaborates well with Phil Mattson's keen lyrical sense and harmonic base from which Doring and Mattson work together hand in glove. 

Minnesota based singer Dorothy Doring frequently draws from the well of Big Easy inspiration. She recorded her CD "Southern Exposure" here with local keyboard wizard David Torkanowsky as musical director and producer.

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Vocalist Dorothy Doring and pianist/arranger Phil Mattson released a beautiful duo CD project that gives tribute to the great Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn. The arrangements and musical interpretations are creative, original and command attention for the serious listener of jazz and cabaret. Their joy for the art of performance is evident on all eleven tracks on this stunning recording.

Her vocal technique is peerless, her rhythmic control, her intonation, the fluid clarity of her enunciation, coupled with her intelligent illumination of lyric, mark her as a singer whose name, if there was any artistic justice in the crazy vocal jazz bizniz, would be at the top of the popularity poll lists.

Every song, in every sense of style and sound and musical grace is a little miracle. this is one of the finest partnerships to pop up in a long time. 

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She can sing it sweet, with grit, with zing, with smoke, with salt. The title is Southern Exposure but this is Doring Exposed, a gem of many facets, polished to a fine sheen and catching a different color, a different shading, at every turn. 

These two pros know how to keep it simple and direct on such timeless ballad material as the exquisite “Something to Live For” and “I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good.”

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On this superb CD Doring and Mattson delve into the songbook of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn ..... the result is a panoply of fine music that these two seasoned veterans make it not only a tribute but a celebration of the magic of collaboration.